O.V. Lakiychuk

O.V. Lakiychuk

National technical university of Ukraine “KPI”


In recent decades the search of the new teaching methods or reconstruction of the old and well-known ones is of great importance as they could provide the relationship of educationalanddevelopment functions of training. The emerging new teaching methods often do not have the psychological and pedagogical studies, it is difficult to classify, but their use in the educational process brings students undoubted success.

According to this method, you can learn a foreign language, becoming (at least for a period of training) a completely different person. Learning the language by this method, all students in the group choose their new names coming up with new biography. What is created due to this is the illusion that they are in a completely different world - the world of the target language. All this is done to ensure that every person in the learning process could completely relax, open up, and his speech would be the most similar to the original one. This method is ideal for creative people who love to improvise.

Today all methods of teaching a foreign language can be divided into traditional and experimental. Deep immersion method lies somewhere on the border, as it has proven to be excellent in the traditional methods of learning, and is widely used in the modern experimental techniques.

The main task is to create special room conditions when a student is forced to communicate in English. The most common way is an organization of classes in the target language country. If this is not possible, then the teacher can simply restrict or prohibit communication in the mother tongue in the classroom. And in some cases it is better to use the native speaker as a teacher who does not speak the language of the students. This method is also perfect when a student wants to achieve good results in a short period of time.

There is nothing better for quick results than deep immersion. But we should remember that the knowledge and language skills acquired in this manner can quickly evaporate without practice. Therefore, if a student is able to achieve any results, then he or she should continue practicing. Except for the inspiring impact of a teacher, sufficient contribution to the productivity of the immersion method is made by the influence of groupmates’ success. When the group in the process of learning turns into a true team, not only monitoring the success of others inspires faith in own success, but also the direct promotion of members of the group affects everyone. Collective interest in the success of each of its members is a powerful factor in the restructuring of motivation of educational activity, leading to the accelerated learning.

After such a course, students can not only use and improve their English in their lives, but also change their attitude towards learning of foreign languages ​​in general. It will turn from routine and necessary training in a fascinating process with particular and visible results. This method allows students to take a language without analyzing it. Large amounts of information are learnt as students work on computer, but role-playing exercises force them to use these volumes. The dynamics of each student is assessed and the teacher can adjust the training in accordance with their individual achievements and wishes. The course is based on the activation of reserve possibilities of the individual and uses the principles of intensive learning in the form of training. The course activates memory, attention, and imagination, set reserve possibilities of mentality free.

It is important to emphasize the fact that the source of new information in this method becomes not only a teacher and educational literature, but also the whole team of students. The teacher only helps to choose the right information from the issues discussed and directs discussions.

With an immersion learning method, communication in a group is the main form of communication that creates optimal conditions for students could develop and express their own opinion, justify their point of view, and this, in turn, is a necessary condition for turning knowledge and views into an attribute of the personality.

In a traditional teaching method, an unreasonably large load falls on voluntary memorization. In the immersion method, the main tasks are the subsequent application of knowledge and understanding which automatically include involuntary memorization. From the very beginning of the training a student is involved in a specific situation with ready associations for the words that he or she has to memorize; e. g. the desired speech environment is produced. The learning objective is to encourage the students to "live" in this situation, understand the nature of interaction in it, which prepares the necessary association to memorize words.

Thus, the immersion method gives the highest results with the help of teachers, native speakers, friends and the Internet. English doesn’t mean coding or translation. It's a different way of thinking, a different logic and different culture which needs a constant and deep immersion.


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